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Our botanical blends and zero-nicotine formulas are a non-addictive and plant-powered alternative. Ripples come in six formulas: POWER, DREAM, BOOST, RELAX, REVIVE, FOCUS and are filled with functional ingredients and natural aromas.

the device

The ripple device is designed to heat each of our six original formulas to a specific temperature for optimum experience and control. The device heats the botanical blends turning them to vapour which can be inhaled by the body.

Ripples are all one size and are super simple to use, once you’ve removed the protective caps just inhale your chosen blend for three seconds and enjoy.


Ripple comes in six formulas: Power, Relax, Boost, Dream, Revive + Focus. Each blend is a combination of functional plant extracts infused with natural aromas for the purest flavour. None of our formulas contain any nicotine and all our custom botanical blends are formulated in state-of-the-art labs in the U.K. They’re non-GMO, free of pesticides and natural.