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  • organically
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    the UK

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over 5,000 5 ⭐ reviews

Carys M.
London, UK 🇬🇧

"Ripple is killing it with the plant-based puffs! I love that it’s all natural herbal blends. You can tell Ripple is a family business because they go the extra mile every time, from the lil' stickers with your order to the engagement on socials-it’s nice to talk to a human the other end. Oh, they also have a recycling scheme. Gotta love an eco-conscious company 👏🏻 Ripple out here making waves 🌎😍".

Jesse W.
Paris, France 🇫🇷

"This company is very down to earth and fun, but not only that the product is really impressive. Easy to use, and satisfying. I am recovering from a cannabis addiction, and whenever I’m feeling a craving I just reach for my ripple and feel the relief. Healing takes time, and patience. I will take all the support I can get! Thanks, Ripple. 😊"

Layne N.
L.A, USA 🇺🇸

"Wowwwww, I have been a chronic nicotine user for 8 years now and the Ripple has tremendously reduced my cravings. It has helped me a lot as well for weaning off a vape because of the same shape. Holding it just helps! Oh and the customer service people are super kind! 10/10 guys, don’t wait to try this."

Petrie L.
Milan, Italy 🇮🇹

"Ripple was recommended to me by a friend, because I was becoming super addicted to the numerous nicotine bars out there ! Literally chuffing on them 24/7😳, until l used these ripple 0% nicotine puffs, my favourite aroma was the passion fruit one (happy)😍, l quickly replaced my habit with ripple and now I don’t vape at all!"

Jas W.
London, UK 🇬🇧

“SO WORTH IT! i love ripple; power (mint) is my fav flavour, using my ripple has really helped my anxiety & it’s overall just a nice experience - love that it’s recyclable too.”

Diogo P.

“Wow, what a wonderful customer experience I've had with ripple; I purchased HAPPY and it was truly one of the best aromas I've tried. I also had a really good experience with the customer team after my order was actually left in the wrong place, they instantly resolved it with the courier and fixed the issue. Thank you so much for changing my life, ripple!!!”

Brandon K.
London, UK 🇬🇧

"Really nice and smooth to use, you can clearly tell it's natural unlike those filthy chemicals found in other products. Ripple considered their customers and provided an amazing experience!"

Coco Capitan x ripple⁺: limited edition aroma

The hottest collab of the year has landed, courtesy of yours truly and mixed-media artist extraordinaire Coco Capitán. Discover the limited edition old mahogany aroma of LOSER right here – before it’s too cool for school.

Limited edition

“In an age of busier-than-ever-lifestyles, ripple+ has gotten aromatherapy right. Their plant-powered aromatic diffusers have become an on-the-go wellness staple.”

“The brand’s nicotine-free, plant powered diffusers feature unique combinations of natural ingredients and are created with every mood in mind”

“ripple+ has revolutionised aromatherapy for good, with custom combinations of ingredients such as peppermint, tropical mango and jasmine.“


What is ripple+?

Ripple+ is a nicotine-free portable aromatherapy diffuser, delivering the benefits of natural botanical blends. From our rechargeable device giving you endless hours of plant-powered goodness, to our single-use formulas, our diffusers are a gateway to a plant-powered utopia.

How long does ripple+ last?

Our POD device is infinitely rechargeable, with a full 8 hours of battery life and an ultra-fast USB-c charging system. Our OG ripples are carefully calculated to ensure you get plenty of use out of your devices.

How is ripple+ made?

Our formulas come from state-of-the-art labs in California and are created with the highest quality botanical blends. The combinations of plant extracts and natural aromas are expertly blended to elevate your senses. Our formulas are organic, vegan-friendly and Kosher/ Halal. 

How does it work?

Ripple+ diffusers are expertly designed to heat our signature botanical blends to the optimal temperature, turning them into vapour. This is then absorbed by your body, bringing in heaps of holistic benefits associated with the ingredients of each formulation.

Is ripple+ environmentally friendly?

Yes! We’re fully committed to being as kind to the planet as possible, keeping our environmental impact to a minimum. The ripple+ POD system is infinitely rechargeable, which leads to a waste-less experience. The blister packs + POD refills are 100% recyclable. For our OG devices, we offer a free recycling program, allowing you to send us back your finished ripples and even unlock 10% off your next order.