Did you know that Nicotine Replacement Therapies like patches, diffusers, or incense were found to be 50-60% more effective in helping people quit smoking? We have been using incense to perform religious rituals or to give freshness to the surroundings. If you are someone with a nicotine addiction, it's time to use incense to drive away from the smoke, awakening your senses with the power of aromatherapy. 

Nowadays, the youth generation is more likely to adapt to recent trends and activities that excite them. As a result, they are influenced by their role models or any famous personality they look up to. Today, some celebrities post their images or get captured by paps with smoking habits without acknowledging the effects on the youth influenced by them.

But, few huge personalities have turned to zero nicotine adaption or have quit smoking, namely - Barack Obama, Matt Damon, and Kate Moss. These celebs have faced negative effects on their health, ultimately impacting their lifestyle. The wellness rituals to quit smoking of these artists differed from each other; some used alternatives such as aromatherapy, and hypnotherapy, nicotine gum, while others started with yoga & spiritual therapy. 

Hence, this depicts an example of why checking the consequences before making it a habit is suggested. If they can stick to zero nicotine - then why not you?

However, to follow a nicotine-free life, research by the National Library of Medicine supports the fact that aromatherapy has the power to cure smoking habits while alleviating symptoms of stress and depression. 

Try Incense cone: Aromatherapy, the way to 0% nicotine 

If you want to tap into this deep cleansing, nicotine-replacement therapy is one of the best ways to use incense cones. Powered by essential oils, incense cones will reduce stress levels and provide serenity and calm vibes to your surroundings, letting you relax your mind and body. 

Here are a few handpicked, best incense cones for a nicotine-free, deep cleansing for your soul. 

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Black Pepper and Angelica Incense 



Essential oils made from black pepper and angelica show incredible results in reducing nicotine addiction and helping initiate withdrawal symptoms. Studies suggest that these ingredients ensure longer delays before the next spell of nicotine craving. While black pepper helps bring down the level of cravings manifold, angelica ensures a long halt between cravings. 

To know more about regulating your smoking cessation, read our blog on how essentials can help you quit smoking. 


Sea Salt and Iris Incense Cones 

The sea breeze inspires the sea salt and iris incense burner. It gives you a refreshing feel and flushes out tension, easing your soul and mind. The sea salt lifts your mood and reduces stress levels, while the iris helps flush out tension and all bad or fatigue vibes. This combination of fruity and floral essence awakens your memory and resets your mood.


Manuka and Peony Incense 



The organic incense made from manuka and peony gives you the fresh feel of honeysuckle and is a perfect mood setter for a calm evening. The honeysuckle aroma is sweet and radiates pure vibrations known to cleanse energy. Manuka boosts vitality and energy, and peony helps keep you always recharged. 


Mint and Rosemary Incense 



Do you like the forest breeze that rushes over you and gives you the refreshing and soothing air of the mountains? Then this is just for you. While mint lifts your spirits and reduces stress quickly, rosemary improves memory and rejuvenates your mind. Together, these are blended to bring you the forest breeze aroma


Raspberry and Rose Incense



Nicotine cravings peak, especially when the body experiences heightened emotional sensitivity, increasing stress levels. The raspberry and rose combination in aromatherapy makes your soul feel light-hearted while spreading calmness, just like the spring feelings induced by the bonbon aroma


Agarwood and Apricot Incense Cones



Place the agarwood and apricot incense near you if you like the vibes of a toasty cabin amid the hidden hills. Agarwood is known to alleviate anxiety levels and bring calmness, bringing down the nicotine craving. Apricot, on the other hand, reduces your body's discomfort and soothe your skin. These two are combined to bring you the best of fresh firewood aroma, setting the mood and ambiance. 

These are just a few. If you want to experience or experiment with organic incense, ripple⁺ home offers a plethora of incense cone options. Choose from aromas as strong as wildflower essence or as mild and soft as honeysuckle. Want to learn more about these nicotine cures? Visit our online store today.