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“ripple+ droplets exude a sense of one’s higher self, and deliver an undeniable atmosphere of calm"

'Transformative scents that deliver calm, peaceful energy directly into your space.'

'Incense cones to emit scents to transform any space with the power of scent alone.'

droplet tales: what's the word?

Lock in with the ripple⁺ fam as they share their experiences.

rippled and rated 💬

UK 🇬🇧

"This was my first experience with ripple⁺ and honesty not only are the products amazing so is the customer service! They were so kind and were so quick to answer any questions I had."

Germany 🇩🇪

“This product beat any expectation I had, effortlessly. The quality and service were impeccable. I received my product within 3 days and was super excited to try it out. Super pleased with this product. Thank you for the amazing services provided.”

UK 🇬🇧

“The best packing ever and ripple⁺ design is so beautiful and stylish! I love the stickers with each order! Makes me want to buy them more!! Also I love the offers and I think the brand is really generous with discounts which makes me want to buy more and happier with the shopping experience!”

Lorenzo C.
Italy 🇮🇹

"What a revolutionary innovation in the incense market! I am obsessed with them, they are tailored to today's consumers! These are the perfect gifting items. Really love the quick-acting format of these droplets. This is the best innovation in the homeware fragrance range I have seen this far."

USA 🇺🇸

"This droplets incense mixes the rich scent of manuka with the sweet aroma of peony flowers, creating a fancy atmosphere, like adding the final touch to a special occasion. Myself & the family love it!"

Trent B.
UK 🇬🇧

"I love my power droplet. It really does smell like forest air, I don’t know how else to explain it. The scent is really crisp and fresh, unlike some incense that has a super heavy underlying scent to it - which is normally super overwhelming to me. Thanks guys."

JIm E.
USA 🇺🇸

"So delightful! These droplets incense bring a whimsical world to life, like being among raspberry trees and fluffy marshmallow skies. Mixing floral rose with sweet raspberry creates a fun and charming scent, perfect for feeling playful and carefree."


What is an incense droplet?
Incense but shaped like a droplet! Formulated & carefully made with the fruitiest, floral, freshest scents you could imagine.
What are ripple⁺ incense droplets made of?
ripple⁺ droplets are made from a unique blend of handpicked botanicals. We’ve carefully selected resins and premium essential oils to really sprinkle that extra love & attention.
How do I use my ripple⁺ droplet?
Place your droplet on top of the sea glass holder, grab your light, light the tip of your droplet and gently blow out after a few secs. Now, settle down & let the flame burn.
How long do the ripple⁺ droplets last?
Each ripple⁺ droplet burns for at least 10 mins - with 26 per pack, you’ve got plenty of minutes to fully feel the drops take over.
Where can I use my ripple⁺ droplet?
You’re free to use your droplets in any space you call yours. It could be in the comfort of your bedroom, workspace or office. You can even spark this when you’re having a chill sesh with your peeps or when you’re putting your feet up in the bath! Transform your space in the best way.