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    the UK

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“In an age of busier-than-ever-lifestyles, ripple+ has gotten aromatherapy right. Their plant-powered aromatic diffusers have become an on-the-go wellness staple.”

“The brand’s nicotine-free, plant powered diffusers feature unique combinations of natural ingredients and are created with every mood in mind”

“ripple+ has revolutionised aromatherapy for good, with custom combinations of ingredients such as peppermint, tropical mango and jasmine.“

cloud love: what's the word?

Lock in with the ripple⁺ fam as they share their experiences.

rippled and rated 💬

Netherlands 🇳🇱

"Never experienced plant powered puffs before and it is sooooo much better then all the vapes etc I tried before. The flavours are awesome and the puffs are as they should be, no sour throat, but pleasant and tasteful (and I have bought almost all the flavours they have and the rechargeable pods & the 1000 puffs ones). Finally hope to win the battle against nicotine with ripple⁺. One on my favourite shopping list now."

UK 🇬🇧

"This was my first experience with ripple⁺ and honesty not only are the products amazing so is the customer service! They were so kind and were so quick to answer any questions I had. My fave products are the call of fruity pack as I’m a huge fruity person! I would 1000% trying ripple⁺! It’ll be the best experience you have."

UK 🇬🇧

"Ripple’s products have been excellent as a part of quitting nicotine for me. The mix of flavours keep it exciting and mean I never get bored. The devices deliver the smoothest flavour and are far more gentle than any other vapes I’ve tried. Will be purchasing again and again :)"

UK 🇬🇧

"I had been using the disposables and they were lovely and just received my pod system, I love ripple⁺! The flavours are spot on, quite subtle but not artificial, just really natural and tasty. They are smoother than any other vape I've tried, doesn't make me cough like other vapes. Best part is I'm off nicotine now which I thought would be impossible after 15 years of smoking. Customer service is great too always get a quick and attentive response from the team about my orders. Thank you ripple⁺ 🙏"

Germany 🇩🇪

“This product beat any expectation I had, effortlessly. The quality and service were impeccable. I received my product within 3 days and was super excited to try it out. Super pleased with this product. Thank you for the amazing services provided.”

UK 🇬🇧

“The best packing ever and ripple⁺ design is so beautiful and stylish! I love the stickers with each order and I love the limited edition ripples along with the special stickers! Makes me want to buy them more!! Also I love the offers and I think the brand is really generous with discounts which makes me want to buy more and happier with the shopping experience!”

UK 🇬🇧

"The best purchase I’ve ever made in my whole entire life!! So far, of the flavours that I got; Peppermint, Mango, Passion fruit, and pomegranate, they taste soo good!! The cooling effect from each one of them is helping my husband from not smoking cigs anymore and that’s just so amazing!! Nicotine sucks!! Ripple⁺ all the way!!"


How long do ripple+ singles/pods last?
Our ripple+ MAX singles last 1,000 puffs Our ripple+ PODS last 400 puff each, 800 per POD pack!
Is ripple+ cruelty free?

Incense but shaped like a droplet! Formulated & carefully made with the fruitiest, floral, freshest scents you could imagine.

Do you use essential oils?
Ripples are aromatic diffusers, so we don’t use essential oils!
Are ripples environmentally friendly?
All ripple components are environmentally friendly and can be recycled via our trusted recycling scheme which results in you receiving 10% off your next order! To find out more about how to recycle your ripples & save some change on your next order, please dive into our link explaining our recycling scheme here.
How long does shipping & delivery take?
Shipping is subjective from country to country, however we aim to ship most orders within 3 to 5 working days (excluding weekends)!