Are you trying to add a spark to your love life but can’t find the flame? It might be time for you to put love in the air. Incense can be a powerful tool to attract and enhance the love within your life. 

Burning incense is a traditional method to attract desired energies and emotions. Some cultures even use it to create love spells. Though a love spell may sound extreme, certain fragrances can certainly attract passion into your space. Check out our guide to see how incense could spice up your love life. 


Setting an intention in the bedroom 


Activities To Do As A Couple


Where you sleep should be a place that feels safe, comfortable, and relaxing. Incense can maintain peace while setting the stage for romance. Before a hookup or a partner enters your bedroom, try saying a prayer or intention for the type of love you want to experience in this space while burning incense. Our incense recommendation for creating sexual passion is rosemary. Beyond being a symbol of love for centuries, its crisp distinct aroma evokes feelings of warmth, comfort, and affection, making it perfect for intimate moments.


Make-up instead of break-up


Sensual Rose Imagery


If you and your partner are going through a rough patch romantically, incense might be the glue to get you both back together. Both rose and amber aromas are great at turning negative sentiments into positive ones. Rose incense is incredible for romance. Burning this fragrance produces a feeling of peace which can restore intimacy with your partner. Two studies have shown evidence that inhaling rose oil increases sexual desire and sexual satisfaction for men and women. The amber fragrance is another natural alternative that can ease tensions. The comforting and fiery presence of amber helps promote serenity. If there is friction in your relationship, amber can help eliminate obstacles, resentments, and negativity. 


Out with the old in with the new


White Sage Burning Stress Relief


Incense serves a dual purpose by creating a romantic atmosphere to attract potential partners but also effectively purifying spaces from lingering energies of past relationships. If there is a space where a bad argument took place or if you’re ready to clear out all the memories of your ex from your home, consider burning a cleansing incense. Incense aromas such as white sage and frankincense. White sage is universally known for its comforting cleaning abilities. Its potent aroma is successful in removing lingering negative energies which creates an environment of tranquility and peace. Frankincense is similarly renowned for its purification and cleansing properties. Its calming fragrance banishes stress-inducing vibes from any vicinity. If you are seeking mental clarity and emotional balance, frankincense is an awesome aroma to burn after a breakup.


Self-love is the best love


Loving yourself is the first step to being happy and attracting romance. If you’re looking to boost your self-love and confidence, incense can be a powerful tool. The floral fragrance jasmine is often associated with feelings of love and happiness due to its comforting and sensual aroma. Burning jasmine can help relieve stress and self-doubt, which can guide you into deep inner peace. If you feel your confidence is low, try lighting up some incense and meditate. Do your best to recenter yourself and find your sensual power within.


Final Thoughts


Incense is a powerful tool that can enhance your love life immediately. Whether you’re trying to charm a long-term flame or just in need of a sexy fragrance before a hookup, incense can turn up the heat. Here at ripple, we have a unique mix of sensual scents that can be incorporated into your love life and overall wellness. Check out our six incense droplet aromas and see which fragrances align with your lifestyle.