With 2022 coming to a wrap in just another month, soon it would be time to switch up to the future of self-care.


Taking care of oneself is a clear priority for many now and people are willing to invest both their time and money in it.


Whether it's new innovations or going back to traditional practices, a lot of these self-care trends are helping millions of people find effective ways of switching off or risk burning out as work creep grows. 


What are the latest self-care trends to follow in 2023? 

Physical Health


It is nothing new that being physically active or spending time on self-care of our body and mind helps us to feel better mentally. Physical activity is the most popular and accessible pursuit that directly correlates with mental health. More people are heading to the gym or a yoga studio to their benefit.


Body Immunity


Many of us are now consciously aware of our body's immune system strength and our need to support and rely on it to protect us. This is a crucial change in how we think about the upcoming wellness trends 2023. 


The top trends to support and increase our immunity are lymphatic drainage, intermittent fasting, infrared saunas, and alternative therapies like acupuncture, supplementation and superfoods. People are seeking evidence-supported treatments and products, such as the mainstream arrival of the use of CBD. 


Alternative Therapies


Alternative healing therapies are all the rage now in wellness trends 2023--practitioners are seeing tremendous interest in sound baths, breathing techniques and other ayurvedic aromatherapy.


Many have shown interest in learning breathing techniques during guided meditations or attending a bespoke retreat offering classes and workshops. 


Sleep Help


Many of us suffer from stress & anxiety, which doesn't help when it's time to sleep. But sleep work has been one of the top self-care trends lately. You can usually choose several options from the different activities and therapies on offer to aid them in resolving a poor sleep cycle.


Many natural ingredients like Magnesium and CBD are commonly used to help with sleep, along with Ayurveda, which involves a wide range of herbs with promising effects.


Plant-Based Diet


Moving from a trend to the mainstay of a wellness regime, veganism is seen as a minimum requirement for positive change in a healthy lifestyle. 


People are exploring personal nutrition by consulting nutritionists for advice on their body type, identifying unknown low-level allergies causing inflammation, and finding vitamin and mineral supplementation to improve overall health.


Beauty & Wellness


Emerging as a major self-care trend, more people are turning to spas for treatments and consulting sessions for their beauty & wellness routines. The future of self-care, it’s becoming one of the fastest growing areas in this is face yoga & similar rejuvenating spa treatments that help tone your muscles & improve blood circulation. 

Wellness Tech


In the same way, we have all turned to 'work from home' (WFH), wellness has not been left behind in technology solutions.


There is a multitude of apps that people use for support and content to organize their health and wellness activities in their everyday lives. Tech companies and their wearables are incorporating health apps into their proprietary offerings in their ecosystems now. You can hire a personal trainer to join your workout at home on your smart tv.


Digital Detox


Sometimes, there can be a watershed to the volume of all this technology that we tolerate in our lives. People feel the need to switch off and tune out, hence the popularity of digital detoxes.


Disconnecting from technology can have a lot of psychological benefits by breaking the addictive behavioural cycle that app algorithms attempt to cement into our daily lives. 


These are all practices of mindfulness, taking decisions to act slowly and thoughtfully.


Final Thoughts


At Ripple+ HQ, we have always been at the forefront of the self-care movement. Many young people associate vaping with stress release. But the nicotine present in vape pens is what keeps one addicted.  With anxiety on the increase, our plant-based vapes promote a nicotine-free lifestyle and the stress-relieving properties of essential oils. With the release of our latest ripple+ POD, plant-powered relaxation is now rechargeable. Yep, we’ve taken it right to the next level in 2023.