We know when you're on the go that salads and juices are some of the best meals you can have, but what if you're limited when it comes to ingredients? Luckily for you, we've listed out some of the best on-the-go-meals you can make with very (very) limited ingredients - but equally as delicious.

  1. The POWER Piece:
    Slice a cucumber and avocado into bite-sized pieces. Toss with a squeeze of lemon juice, a drizzle of olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Optional: add a handful of chopped fresh herbs like mint or cilantro.

  2. The RELAX Rack:
    Blend together cucumber, tomato, red bell pepper, onion, garlic, and bread with olive oil, sherry vinegar, and water. Season with salt and pepper, and chill before serving.

  3. The BOOST Boulder:
    Mix together equal parts cucumber juice and lemon juice. Drink as is or add a little honey or stevia for sweetness.

  4. The DREAM Dip:
    Mix together Greek yogurt, grated cucumber, garlic, dill, lemon juice and salt. Serve with veggies or as a dip for pita chips.

Eating salads is an excellent way to boost your overall health and well-being. For starters, salads are often low in calories and high in fiber, which can help with weight loss and maintenance. They are also a great way to get a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and folate. These nutrients are essential for maintaining good health and preventing chronic disease.

Additionally, salads are a great source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, which can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Eating raw vegetables, especially leafy greens, can also improve digestion and regularity. Overall, incorporating salads into your diet can be an easy and delicious way to improve your health and vitality.