Ok, so you've zoned in on products to quit smoking and found the best vape for yourself. So what's left? Knowing how to properly care for the device and battery, of course!

Let's walk through some of the best tips on maintaining your device - from ensuring you know how to clean pod cartridge to understanding how to preserve the battery life. 

How Do We Clean It? 

There are two types of devices for vaping: closed-system and open-system devices. With closed-system devices, they operate with closed, pre-filled, plug-and-play cartridges or pods, so vapers don't have to worry about filling the liquid up themselves like with the ripple+ diffuser pens. But in open-systems devices, users need to know how to clean pod cartridge by filling the clearomizer themselves, and can change parts of the device occasionally.


Why Is It Important To Clean A Vape Pen?


Cleaning and maintaining the device thoroughly can improve the performance quality and increase the life of the device. With frequent use, vapes can become clogged with debris. Giving your vape a good clean will keep it to its full potential and ensure it delivers quality vapour.  

Top Tips For Cleaning Your Vape

All ripple+ devices are designed to be user-friendly and come with minimum to no hassle. We wanted to give our users stress-free alternative solution which is one of the best features of the ripple+ Pods. Other brands with open-system devices may require more maintenance, so remembering these simple steps when caring for your open-system device will be beneficial. 


Keeping Your Mouthpiece Clean

Whether lounging at home or on the go, there are always ways to protect your Pods. Pod caps are a quality solution to protect your pods from unwanted dust and debris and come in various colours for customers' preferences.


Maintaining The Vape Battery

The key to maintaining your device for a longer life is to charge it at the right time. The best way is to make sure you do so before the charge completely drains out like charging your vape battery when the battery level is halfway. 


Don't Leave Your Vape Just Anywhere


Now that you know how to keep your vape clean and maintain the battery, let's talk about how to store a vape pen. There are three main elements to be cautious of when storing a vape pen: heat, light, and air. Below are some tips you should consider when storing a vape pen.


  • Keep It Upright


The first thing about storing vape pens is the position in which you store them. It would last longer if you always keep your vape pen upright. The mouthpiece of the vape pen should be facing upwards. The upright position for storing vape pens is essential because the device could leak, or dust and dirt could get into it.


  • Keep Away From Dust


Another thing to be cautious about is dust. It has been the number one cause of many vape pen damage. When you want to store your vape pen, please keep it away in a dust-free location. You can get a simple box for your vape pen that efficiently protects it from dust or even physical damage, such as dropping it. 


  • Keep At Room Temperature


Also, it would help to be cautious about the temperature at which you store the vape pen. The ideal temperature to store vape pens is room temperature. So, keeping the pen away from direct exposure to sunlight or a heat source is recommended. This caution protects elements in the vape pen, like the battery and e-liquid, from deteriorating.


Final Thoughts


Vaping is taking over the population like wildfire. Those in this vaping culture should be reminded of the toxic effects of nicotine exposure. With the help of our products to quit smoking, you can take a clean break from nicotine and still have a puff from time to time. 


We've devised an all-natural alternative that doesn't come with so many restraints. Our nicotine-free pens offer a safer and more diverse vaping experience if you want products to quit smoking. Free from artificial ingredients and chemicals and with a wide range of flavours, you will surely find the perfect aromatherapy of your choice.


Live a nicotine-free life and get your aromatherapy on the go. Plus, our plant-powered puffs require zero maintenance, so feel free to give our pens a try!