From compromising your health to altering your mood, there’s nothing sexy about smoking. Not only do nicotine & the added chemicals cause severe health issues overall, but it turns out that the all over habit acts as a major turn off too.


1. Your sex drive will increase 


How your sex life improves when you quit smoking: your sex drive increases


First off, multiple studies have proven than smoking is the ultimate sex-drive killer. Quit Genius depicted that non-smokers have nearly twice as much sex as their smoking counterparts. This is due to nicotine playing a big part when it comes to decreased sexual arousal and dissatisfaction in the bedroom.


2. The risk of erectile dysfunction decreases 


How your sex life improves when you quit smoking: the risk of erectile disfunction decreases


Health-wise, it’s pretty common knowledge that smoking plays havoc with everything from your lung capacity to your blood circulation (we know YOU know). But how does this affect your time in the bedroom (or, anywhere else – we don’t judge)? Well, smoking narrows your blood vessels and it has been proven that smokers have a higher chance of atherosclerosis (aka clogged arteries). For women, having a poor circulation of blood has impacts on lubrication, which ultimately limits arousal. When it comes to men, smoking essentially makes getting an erection more difficult, and it can seriously impact its hardness too, Dr. Marc Laniado tells Cosmopolitan. But that’s not all – even when you do get an erection, Marc details that smoking makes it a lot harder to maintain it. Quickies should only happen out of choice, right?

3. The risk of infertility decreases 



How you sex life improves when you quit smoking: the risk of infertility decreases

According to recent studies, having six or more cigarettes on a daily basis significantly impacts your ability to conceive. Additional studies revealed that smoking also heavily increases the risk of miscarriage, which is why experts advice you ditch the habit before deciding to start a family.


4. You'll be more kissable


How your sex life improves when you quit smoking: you'll be more kissable

It’s pretty common knowledge that smoking messes with your oral health beyond belief. Getting rid of that dreaded cigarette breath will 100% make you more kissable, not to mention that your overall appearance is bound to improve. Now, we know looks aren’t everything, but who doesn’t want that extra confidence boost when you’re trying to break into the dating scene? Smoking is an all-over glow-killer. From ageing your skin beyond belief, to compromising the brightness of your smile and even thinning your hair, smoking & sex appeal don’t make good companions. Studies have shown that smoking can actually age your body by a whopping 10 (TEN!!!) years. Want a top tip? Quitting is definitely cheaper than stocking up on products that help reverse the damage.