The hero enters the room, turns around the chair, fires a few bullets, orders a drink, gives some sassy dialog, takes a few puffs of nicotine, and then blows rings into the air, suitable from their lungs. While the entire sequence looks dramatically cool and intriguing, in real life, a lot of these heroes had a long battle with nicotine and came a long way toward quitting. 


But while the road looks hard with many speed breakers, navigating this journey is not impossible. Aromatherapy, amongst others, is one of many proven ways that have helped these pop culture icons reflect miraculous changes and awaken nicotine-free habits. Let’s cover a few of these journeys in detail. 


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Kate Moss 


kate moss


An icon in the fashion industry, Kate Moss’s popularity goes beyond being the face of nearly every big fashion house, which entails a long smoking history. It is being said that she used to take a nicotine break every 15 minutes. However, with the help of healthy consumption habits and essential oils, she has become the mascot of self-care. She once revealed how she starts her day with tea that blends hibiscus, bay leaves, and ginger. Then, she adds a spritz from her curated Mist, which includes essential oils like bergamot, jasmine, and tonka. Something similar to a relaxing aroma that melts away stress and eases restlessness. 


Keith Richards 



keith richards


Keith Richards, the Rolling Stone’s former guitarist and a name that goes beyond just merely being popular, had a very interesting journey with heroin and nicotine addiction. The popstar, in one of his interviews, explained how battling nicotine addiction was way harder than quitting heroin. However, with the help of rigorous use of nicotine patches and significant lifestyle changes, Keith not only entered a zero-nicotine life but also improved his artistry by empowering his body with more stamina. 

If you are looking to quit nicotine, besides nicotine patches, you can also try nicotine-free, aromatherapy incense droplets, that diffuse seamlessly in the breeze, releasing your stress and rejuvenating your mind and body in the most non-invasive way. 


Charlize Theron


charlize theron


Charlize Theron had a long history of smoking cessation. The pop star not only openly discusses her nicotine addiction but is now an advocate of quitting smoking habits. She is famous for using one of the most debated ways  - hypnotherapy. Also, it is one of the most sought-after ways to quit smoking in the celebrity league. 


Pro-tip: Besides hypnotherapy, one of the best ways is to use aromatherapy oils like citrus or peppermint to induce peacefulness and alleviate stress. 


Prince Harry


prince harry and kate middleton


The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry once shared how he had been consuming nicotine since teenager and continued for many years as an adult. He went for a topsy-turvy change in wellness and lifestyle and adopted healthy eating habits, guided by Megan Markle. He eliminated his stress-triggered nicotine habits with stress-buster solutions like rigorous yoga and lean, clean, and green food’. He had also let go of his calorific treats with quinoa and kale. 

If you don’t want to go for such a hectic diet journey, the best kickstart could be to beat the nicotine urge by driving away from stress with plant-based diffusers. With rich aroma curated with numerous flavors, these puffs help relieve inflammation and increase strength so you can feel on top form. 

Lady Gaga 


lady gaga homme shoot japan vogue


Someone who used to smoke 40 nicotine substances every day, Lady Gaga made a remarkable rebound and built a zero-nicotine world for herself. She used Nicotine Replacement Therapy to get rid of the addiction and finally triggered nicotine withdrawal symptoms. 


Aromatherapy is one of the easiest forms of nicotine withdrawal methods. Essential oils and elements like ginseng mint, and rosemary incense help reduce stress by awakening senses and rejuvenating from within. 


John Hamm 


john hamm top gun 2


This Emmy winning actor, known for his chain-smoking, philanderer role in a TV series, had actually gone through nicotine addiction in real life. He once shared, “It’s glamorous on film, but it’s not glamorous waking up and smelling like an ashtray,” and worked his way through a zero-nicotine life. The actor adopted herbal-cigarettes to beat the stress and exhaustion that triggers nicotine consumption, and broke through the smoking cycle in no time. These herbal cigarettes do not have any nicotine or tobacco substance and give the flavors of natural products like clove. 

Another easy substitute could have been plant-powered zero-nicotine puffs with selected aromas like watermelon, strawberry, peppermint to drive out stress and relax your brain. These vapes come with many flavors, made with signature blends and an aroma that hits deeper. 


Courtney Cox 


courtney cox friends workout


Just like Jennifer Anniston, Courtney Cox also revealed how she had battled addiction with infrared sauna, ice baths, and other good wellness habits. She specifically emphasizes the sauna technique and has said combining it with essential oils regulates dopamine, creating a calm energy in your body. 


Paul Rudd


paul rudd aging


The actor’s addiction with nicotine has been one of the most discussed topics of the town. Addicted for 13 years straight, Paul realized and advised everyone to not look for any magic pill or a quick fix and went for a hypnotherapy camp. He believes in changing physiological and behavioral components to eliminate nicotine-triggering elements in our body from the roots. He soon regained his control over his health and forever maintained his youthful vigor. 

As a first step towards your wellness transformation from within, you can try 0% nicotine aroma diffusers and zero-nic pods to cut through your fatigue and stress. These plant-powered, blended aromas focuses energy and improves vitality to boost energy. 


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