When earlier this year, Doja Cat - a famous singer and rapper known for her catchy tunes and lyrics - announced the cancellation of a lot of her scheduled events and a tour via a social media live stream, fans across the globe expressed their sadness. However, in the live stream where the artist spoke about her reason, her followers came together in support to shower their star with praises and good wishes. 

So what really happened? 

Earlier this year, the famous Say So singer Doja Cat (@dojacat) went live with her followers to declare that she had quit vaping for a successive 70 days. This decision was following the fact that she had developed an abscess in her left tonsil and that her doctor had to put her under the knife to remove it. In another thread published a few months earlier, she had insisted that her fans hear from her first and revealed the details.

Right - but what about the Vaping? 

Doja Cat Quitting Vaping and Smoking came at the heels of what she described to be adverse effects of vaping along with alcohol that negatively responded to antibiotics that she was on at the time. The resultant procedures and medical requirements demanded that the star quit vaping for the benefit of her health.

In what is repeatedly being seen as a pattern, more and more celebrities are falling into the category of those who are working towards and often, successfully quitting vaping and smoking. A notable name in the acting fraternity who has been off her intoxicants for a considerable duration now has been Kate Moss - news that came as a positive surprise to many people on its reveal. 

What now? 

Well, needless to say, it has been months since Doja Cat underwent surgery. As per her updates on different social media platforms as well as the confirmations by her team, the star is well on her way to recovery in the best way. Lifestyle changes along with medical intervention have helped her be free from the grasp of the dangerous effects of nicotine through vaping and smoking. 

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