I don’t know about you, but being stuck in quarantine has left us feeling like there is too much time on our hands and no idea how to spend it best.

Each of our ripples has a different personality and as usual with big personalities, each one thinks they know best.

So we decided to create a special daily schedule that combines them into one complete routine to beat the quarantine slump!

7:00 am

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Wake up, and breathe!

It’s hard not to feel claustrophobic in these times, morning time is the most crucial to set up the rest of your day, feeling anxious? Relax suggests meditating for ten mins or try writing down four things you’re grateful for.

12:00 pm

Now that your mind is ready for the day, let’s get your body ready! Power has designed a home workout to get your endorphins pumping, let's turn this self-isolation into self-improvement.

4 sets (one-minute rest between sets)

Jump Squats - 30 sec

High Knees - 30 sec

Burpees - 30 sec

Mountain Climbers - 30 sec

Plank - 30 sec

5:30 pm

It's that annoying lull in the day between lunch and dinner, your energy is running low... boost is here to help!

Boost likes to keep boredom at bay by challenging themselves! Pick your poison; crossword, sudoku, candy crush (no judgement!).

11:11 pm

Your comfy bed is calling to you, it's time to snuggle up.

Sleep is a very important part of your day and Dream takes it very seriously!

Beauty sleep and all that jazz...

We know that it's going to be a long couple of weeks, hopefully, with these simple Ripple steps, you can stay active and healthy!

Small ripples make big waves.