Andre Saraiva (Mr. A) is a renowned graffiti and fine artist, acclaimed by street art enthusiasts worldwide. His signature style and unique approach to the art of graffiti have made him a famous figure within the urban landscape. 

Mr. A’s love for graffiti started at a young age, when he began tagging his name on his childhood neighbourhood walls on the outskirts of Paris. Years later, his eye-popping, yet minimalistic designs became world-wide contemporary art sensations. 

Through his renowned project - ‘Love Graffiti’ - Andre has given an entirely new sense to the art: one of his famous creative elements is his signature winky face with a huge smile, often spotted in pink - a colour that is taboo in the street art world. The wider performative project revolves around Andre spray painting the name of someone’s beloved at an address of their choice in bright colours (so they can’t miss it). This reinterpretation of street art - a concept traditionally associated with underground opposition - and gives it a friendly, approachable feel, infusing it into places where people naturally meet (and fall in love). 

Andre’s work is now showcased in museums and art galleries around the world, as well as in infamous night clubs and other renowned venues. Not only is Mr. A a pioneer when it comes to revolutionary street art, but he is also a huge nightlife enthusiast and an established hotelier. His chain of hotels  (including his renowned Hotel in Paris - Grand Hotel Amour) combine the playfulness of his art with Parisian tradition, making it a unique space that showcases his one-of-a-kind approach to design. 

Ripple+ AMOUR 

When mapping the road for our first collaboration, we sought to work with someone whose mission resonates with ripple.

Andre’s unique approach to graffiti is a reinterpretation of classic street art, taking a concept that is traditionally associated with underground opposition and giving it a friendly, non-intimidating feel. The streets feel safe when dressed in Mr. A’s art, with minimalis shapes and comforting pastels being signature elements of his creations. 

We had the honour to work with Mr. A in creating a custom formula, entirely designed by him in exclusivity for ripple. The packaging and device are both collectible pieces, featuring his signature hand-drawn elements - from the iconic smiley face, to love hearts and his famous handwriting. AMOUR is a limited edition formula, curated around the strong synergies between Mr. A’s unique approach to graffiti and ripple’s unique take on product development. When soft street art meets sense-soothing puffing, and art and aromatherapy come together, you know it’s a one-of-a-kind collab. 


AMOUR features a calming combination of chamomile and passion flower and is finished off with a playfully sweet Fraise des bois (wild strawberry aroma). This rare version of a strawberry is considered a delicacy in the world of fruit as it’s only available for a few months every year. According to Modern Farmer, ‘a fraise des bois tastes like you’ve never eaten a strawberry before; it’s rich and powerful, reminding you why the greeks saw the strawberry as a symbol of Venus - the goddess of love’. 

This release is around for a limited time only, so make sure you experience this puff-able piece of art before it’s gone for good.