We’d love to introduce you to our first-ever editorial collab: our partnership with Unemployed magazine is now live, featuring a custom ripple+ piece curated by Gigi Rose Gray


A ripple+ Garden of Cosmic Delights

Gigi has reimagined the ripple+ world, bringing to life an immersive plant-powered universe featuring key elements from the ripple world. Her piece encapsulates all that ripple+ is about, from larger than life flowers, to easter eggs from our hometown and even Mushu - our office dog, merging Gigi’s signature style with our plant-powered world. The inspiration behind the pamphlet is Where’s Waldo, infusing an abundance of detailing (part of Gigi’s signature style) into a cleverly curated composition of urban meets wild: featuring everything from 70s nostalgia outfits, to punks, giraffes, larger-than-life flowers and fruit. The collectable artwork folds over in four pieces, and features endless elements to discover and stare at for hours, and hours, and hours. 

What is Unemployed?

The publication was founded back in 2015 by filmmakers Sophie Tabet and Cecile Winckler, with the aim to give young creatives a platform to showcase their work on. The annual issues feature word-free collections of visual stories, using Unemployed as a platform for bringing ideas to life. A palpable exhibition of young talent, the magazine is now on its sixth issue, with people around the world collecting the loose-bound elements - a format that is completely unique. 

The unbound publication allows you to fully indulge in the artistry of each piece, making the ‘pages’ a true collector’s item. With only 500 copies available worldwide and a select array of stockists where the issues can be purchased, the mag itself is truly exclusive. 

Issue 06 features an array of collectable posters and photo booklets and, of course, the custom ripple+ artwork curated by Gigi. The explosion of talent is delivered in a sleek white box, ready for the visual reader to be taken apart, framed and cherished. 

About Gigi Rose Gray 

Gigi is a NYC-born illustrator and fine artist, with an impressive portfolio that features immersive creative narratives. Her elegant style and detailed techniques are key features of her art, and the main guide to her aesthetic is cinematography. Her capability to capture comprehensive narratives is unmatched, with plenty of ready-to-explore layers found in every piece she creates. 

Needless to say, collaborating with Gigi on bringing this vision to life was nothing short of a dream come true. From seeing the first sketches, to watching the piece unveil, having Gigi bring her creative vision to the wider ripple+ narrative has been an honour. 

Get one of the 500 copies here.