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Ripple’s nicotine free cucumber diffuser, DETOX
Ripple’s nicotine free cucumber diffuser, DETOX

Limited Edition

cucumber aroma

We donate all merch profits to Phoenix Futures, to help support people in our local community recovering from addiction.

DETOX is a refreshingly crisp cucumber aroma, long requested by the ripple+ fam. Infused with immune-boosting kale and ginger, it’s packed with freshness and is the perfect accompaniment to bold new resolutions and life goals. Bring on bold new beginnings.

* Please note: DETOX Pods are for use with a ripple+ Pod device, sold separately

Whats inside?
Natural Kale Extract, Natural Ginger Extract, Natural Flavourings, Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol
0% nicotine
1,000 puffs / pack
cucumber aroma





supports your digestion


Our rechargeable, reusable design leads to a waste-free puffing experience. All POD packs are fully recyclable, and any finished POD refills can be either sent to us to be recycled, or dropped at any of our retail locations. The ingredients we use in our formulations are fully traceable, and we have complete transparency on their origins.

Delivery + Returns

We offer free shipping on orders over $30. For any issues or queries, please contact If you wish to return your product(s), please contact us within 14 days of purchase.


A cool and refreshing cucumber aroma blending hints of ginger + kale formulated to take you on a 5* cleansing retreat of total rejuvenation.

01/23 Limited Edition; Formulated with the highest quality organic aromas and plant extracts: once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Always planet-friendly + recyclable (further details available on recycling page)


John J

This aroma is so refreshing; the burst of cucumber is invigorating and makes me feel so alive and refreshed. You can definitely taste subtle hints of kale and ginger too!!

Becky G

This might be weird but this reminded me of a really refreshing cocktail on a summer’s day. It’s so fresh. So uplifting. It definitely had me in my happy feels. What a treat detox is. Thank you for making this!

Lea K

This smells so good. Sooooooo good. Like so good fr. Tastes even better. It’s so refreshing and tasty, and the puffing experience is 10/10 too. One of my favourites. Please don’t discontinue it!


Do I need a ripple+ POD device to use pods?

Yes! Your POD packs plug into your rechargeable POD device via magnetic connection to deliver plant-powered goodness. The device is universally compatible with all signature rippleformulas.

Will DETOX help me replenish?

DETOX’s hero ingredients are packed with antioxidants that will support your internal system. From cucumber, that’ll help support your immune system to kale that’s rich in antioxidants, this formula is designed for all your DETOX before RETOX needs in mind.

How do the ripple+ PODS work?

Each POD delivers a more cleaner + greener experience than ever before mood-enhancing botanical blends. When it’s time to top up the device again, simply pop a new pod inside of your rechargeable ripple+ pod system and you will be back in an idyllic, plant-powered state!

Is ripple+ vegan + cruelty-free?

Yes and yes! It’s really important to us that our diffusers don’t cause harm to, or have a negative impact on humans, animals and the environment, so we’ve made it our mission to be completely transparent with everything that goes into them. We use natural ingredients and can say with complete confidence that our products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

How is ripple+ made?

Our formulas come from state-of-the-art labs in California and are created with the highest quality botanical blends. The combinations of plant extracts and natural aromas are expertly blended to elevate your senses. Our formulas are organic, vegan-friendly and Kosher/ Halal.

How do I recycle my ripple+ PODS?

The reusable design of the POD system minimises waste – so all you need to do is recycle the POD packs themselves. You can do this at your nearest retail location, or print out a free shipping label to send your used packs back to us. Plus we’ll send you a reward, so you can stock up on plant-powered goodness for less, next time.

What comes in a POD pack?

All ripple+ POD packs come with two pods of your chosed formula. They are available in all of our signature aromas and seamlessly connect with your rechargeable POD device. Each POD is supercharged with plant-powered goodness.

How do I track my ripple+ order?

You’ll receive a confirmation email with your tracking number as soon as your order has been dispatched. Just give the tracking a couple of hours to update once you’ve got it, and you’ll then be able to follow your ripple+ goods making their way to you!



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